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Agony and Ecstasy Candle

Notes of fig leaf, galbanum, black currant, coconut, cedarwood, amber.

This scent was inspired by the juxtaposition of two strong emotions, agony and ecstasy and how they can coexist. The world is full of duality, and is fueled by it. Opposites complement and catalyze each other. Agony and Ecstasy is also the title of Michelangelo’s biography, where the author captures the pain the artist had to endure to achieve the excellence required to complete the Sistine Chapel, and how this pain ultimately gave way to an abundance of satisfaction upon completion.
At MONTAIGNE, we make candles as conversations pieces. Each one of our candles comes with a story, and is intended to spark a moment of conversation or self-reflection. Our goal is to provide our customers with a multi-sensory moment of escapism. All of our candles are vegan and clean, meaning we use clean-burning coconut and apricot wax (no synthetic paraffin), 100% cotton wicks, and certified fragrance oil free from phthalates and toxins. We believe that you should romanticize every moment of your life because it is too short. That's why we spend time curating concepts and developing scents to create something original that our customers will enjoy everyday. Made in the USA.
Agony and Ecstasy Candle
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